Warm Tempo

I know our Great Northern brethren are suffering the lack of the playground white stuff, but we're mired here in a pattern of 60F mild weather here in early February, and again it provided amazing conditions for two wheeled pursuits. I had grandiose plans of how to spend the afternoon, but I was delayed by meetings and such. Finally around 6.00 in the encroaching darkness I suited up and took the SON Blueridge out for a very satisfying 1-hour fitness ride. I've lost around 8-10lbs since the start of the year, depending on water, intake, etc., and these shorter, quicker rides in addition to walking and a bit of jogging have done me quite well. I'm ready to stretch things out a bit, but I'll gladly take 70 minutes of almost too-warm tempo.



Pondero said…
Looks like you and Big Oak are both off to a good start this year. Keep it going.
Tex69 said…
@Pondero, you're the one going on 4-hr single-speed jaunts in winter!

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