New Blue LHT

OK, I'm going to add a smidgen of content to the semi-dead, non-very-interesting 2012 blog. Last Monday L had soccer practice as ever. Dave forgot to ride- really, he told me he forgot to ride- so it was a solo 1hr for me on the LHT. We're speeding away from the depths of winter, so I had a bit of light to use to take a couple shots before the SON kicked in under fading conditions. It was a nice 14m, although I didn't cover as much ground as I wanted. I think me and my LHT go the same speed all the time, whether it feels slow or fast.

 As to the bike, as you can see there have been a few alternations. Mounted now are pretty, blue Ortlieb Classic Backrollers, which mom picked up at REI (Xmas gift). Slowly but surely I'm getting used to a few of their different features and am growing to like them a lot. And they're capacious too! They sit on a new Tubus Logo, purchased from PeterWhite. It was supereasy to mount and the Backrollers drop right on. I also added a rear B&M taillight, which does the German "stayonallthetime" thing. The front has changed, or reverted, back to drops, the Nitto Rando bars that previously graced the LHT before the Jones Bar experiment. I think I'm done experimenting with front configurations on the LHT. I've ridden many o' mile on these drops and they'll stay.  If you look carefully, just behind the first pic there is a deer trail. I almost rode down it to see what would happen, but instead stayed the course.


Pondero said…
A man could get a long, long way from home on a rig like that.
Apertome said…
I like the blue with the green bike. It's not an obvious color combination choice, but it works.

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