Not there

I'm very blog uninspired. My riding is mostly a mix of transpo and short fitness rides, so there's not much to report. I lost 10 in January and have gained 5lbs back. How? Valentines cupcakes. Ice Cream. Cheez-itz. Cheeseburgers instead of salads. Shock of shocks!

Tomorrow the "posse" is heading to Jefferson Memorial Forest for a S24O/"bikepacking" trip. In previous years I would be blogging my every move. Now, the crew gets on google+ to make plans but I don't have the computer interest to sit on the desktop by myself elucidating my every move. It's just not there.

Today I had my first tennis commute of the season. I'm coaching both boys and girls and had staggered tryouts for both under 50F sunny skies. Nice afternoon. As a group they're good kids. I don't look forward to the time drain, but I do to working with them.

A young man missed the first day of tryouts on Wednesday; I don't know why. He only came to 2 days of conditioning, and he's not in shape. His dad was an HOUR late for pick up. A teenager's dream.


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