#14 Night Ride

A full day of soccer, pizza, more soccer, a nap and ice cream finally allowed me to get #14 in, a brilliant nightride through a perfect temp for, well, nightriding. I even relished riding through the bug clouds in Cherokee because at least I was out in it instead of docked like a fat tanker on the couch.

My route took me along a dark Beargrass Trail, down to the skate park where I watched one dude do this whirly-bird spin thing balancing on his bike tire all while holding onto all kinds of parts of the front of his bike. It looked like some kind of wind chime, except for the sallow complexion and mowhawk. I then rolled along NuLu peeking into the many restaurants and bars that comprise that area. Garage Bar even has outdoor lighted ping-pong tables. I must go.

Creeping through G'town led me to Highland Ave. where I ran into work friends, with whom I chatted on their front porch while petting their very amiable (calm) beagle. Again I commented as to how damn nice the night was. Of course, being on the QB, I chose my passage carefully to take advantage of low traffic but also low acclivity, bypassing some of the larger hills in the park and sneaking up Spring. I was sorry to end when I did, but it was late and it was time.

I've been doing lots of bike thinking lately, wanting to cull, to thin, to simplify ever slightly. A time or two the thought has crossed my mind to sell the QB as a superfluous, fancy bike. L even asked me if it was my oldest bike the other day. Pushaw! But tonight cruising along on that too-big frame with the one gear spinning quietly, no. There was no other set of two wheels I would rather be on.



Pondero said…
I really need to do more night rides. Almost went last night, but (insert any lame excuse here).

The AHH is gone. The Trek is for sale. Will the QB be next? Tough choice. And your QB praises don't make it any easier.
Tex69 said…
@Pondero, I'm going to be honest. I totally understand simplifying, but I don't think you throw out the old just to be with the new. Lest I be mistaken, keeping the QB will allow you two bikes, right? QB and Map? One 650b with gears and dynos and such. One SS with 700c. Two really different experiences. I say keep it. They're not in the least bit redundant.

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