#15 1.1

I suspect more miles are in me for later, but Day #15 began with the 4m there-n-back to Breadworks where I had a cup and bagel and graded some stacks of paper.

I bailed on a 40m gravel-grinder today b/c I feel the need to make a last minute push to achieve all the crap I didn't during the Break. First Papers, next up lawn mowing. After that more papers, odds-n-ends and then, hopefully, a ride.

Halfway done on 30DaysinApril. Next 15 are going to be more challenging, with a full tennis complement.


I knew I had more miles in me somehow, and I got them this evening with two different ride partners. Even though we were full from pancakes, L was wanting to get out to take advantage of the (again) beautiful weather. As he headed out, Dave and I texted back and forth and he was out kicking out the jams on the SS. So I did a short bit with L and then peeled of to find Dave on Baxter. Basically we took a loop through Cherokee/Seneca ploughing through the bugs fields along the creek. Although we were both on singlespeeds, our tempo was a bit different, with Dave's larger gear making my flat runs more challenging and my smaller making things easier to spin up the hills. Not that it mattered; he took me on some hills anyway.

I was a nice way to end Spring Break. Back to the real world tomorrow, where getting in my 30DaysofApril rides will be a bit more challenging.


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