I've had no real action on the Troll- yes, a few interested buyers but none who pulled the trigger- so I'm taking the Troll off the market and am rebuilding it, to do what I'm not sure. I don't know whether I want to build it back as a commuted commuter, front rack it and try touring on it again, or keep it as a simple un-sprung mtbike (Fall/Winter is a good time for trails).

If anyone reads the blog and is suddenly inspired, I'll still sell you frame/fork, with headset this time to avoid labor charge on its removal. Or perhaps I'll ride it around enough to take a re-liking to it. It *is* a fun ride, just not quite the ride I need.


bikeolounger said…
Troll seems a nice-enough bike. If I didn't already have two bikes that work for tractor duty, I'd consider it. I like that it's ready for a Rohloff hub, and that it has hard points for all sorts of add-ons.

I've been riding my Big Dummy much more than I expected I would. Having the cargo capacity really makes the bike worth owning. The Globe doesn't get near as much use. If I'm traveling light, I'll often as not take the Raleigh.
Pondero said…
Someone please claim this Troll permanently. I'm trying to reduce the size of my pile of stuff.
Tex69 said…
@Pondero, dude! (I don't quite consider you a dude. You seem more like a Man! or Sir?) You *don't* have a mtbike. I totally get simplicity, but '3 is the Magic Number, yes it is, it's the Magic Number'.

@bikeolounger Have to believe it's too small for you, as much as I'd like to move it.

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