Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Yesterday was  very efficient day going car-mostly-free. Allow me to explain:

  • To and from work for a total of 14.5 miles. The temps are absurdly warm, so in the morning I only needed a light jacket and in the afternoon it as downright warm.
  • The dauphin had his first day of club soccer practice- let's hope it's a more productive experience than his non-season with his high school team- so I needed to drive him the 8m or so to the site. Also, the car has been emitting this buzzing sound the past 2-3 weeks, so I needed to get it into the shop while under warranty. Fortunately the soccer fields and dealer (under warranty, remember?) are quite close, so I dropped off, dropped the car off, and then had some time to do a lazy, meandering return leg through Seneca and home. 
  • Bonus: I picked up a 4-pack of Dogfish Head 90min IPA on the way home. Expensive as hell, but I think that's the single best bottled beer I can think of.
  • The wife and #2 had to pick #1 up from practice in the car, so on the way home they stopped at the pizza parlor near the house. I jumped back on the bike for round 3 of my car-mostly-free day.
29 miles/5 legs/1 bike- Sogn with dyno made the morning and evening legs all the easier. I am always on record as loving dyno lights.


amidnightrider said...

What happened with the high school team? A non season? As a high school coach I'm curious.

LvilleTex said...

@MR, So, our coach has been there forever with many years of success. Frankly, our school is a successful one in general so the club players have wanted to come. Of late we have fewer club players- less talent- which has led the coach to do less, not more. I'm in the same boat in tennis, fewer USTA players. So I'm working harder, doing more in the off-season.
Practices consisted almost entirely of shooting drills, no 3x3, no 5x5, no ball skills, just line up and shoot. They worked on headers one day all season. And then during the game he stands there like Alex Ferguson, watching it all happen while offering zero instruction. A kid comes out and he offers no reason why. He just pulls them out. And he's been famous for following very short rotational patterns, this year no exception. Other teams throw in waves of fresh legs while our guys are gassed. KY has unlimited subs. Yes, the junior class are not as club-trained as previous groups, but they're big athletic, fast kids. Can you find a spot for a big, athletic kid to play part of a game? Can you devise a system which takes their positive qualities in account? The entire second half of the season the only consistent sub was a 5'6", 125lb sophomore. Yes, he dribbled fancily but he never retained possession against the bigger competition, while my son- a solid player- along with his junior teammates- again, solid, big athletic- sat there and watched *nothing* occur. There was no Coaching. And so half of your line-up for next season will have played virtually no minutes the previous season. Maybe he'll play sophomores instead, but their results weren't any better at the JV level as my son's group. In fact, the junior group was better defensively than the current sophomore JV.
I'd love a response based on what I had to say, knowing that it's a funky "comments" section screed.

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