Commutes y libras

A quick note that the TexLuavullCycling House has been properly ambitious and diligent this week after a seemingly long grey period. Work is no different. The difficulty that is parent and family life is no different. Economic well-being is no different. (no $550 powerball for us)

What is different is a willingness to not eat like a pig and an equal willingness to *move*. After a long westward commute on Monday, I did the same yesterday. And sandwiched in between was a 1-hour brisk walk Tuesday during soccer practice. There has been activity on google+ with both #NotasFat2013 and #FatBastard circles, folks using social media to motivate and focus on being healthier and hopefully thinner; I have a feeling most of these folks need to drop some pounds. These aren't anorexic/bulimic yoga instructors how are already bottoming out the BMI charts. It's like on-line WeightWatchers. Weird.

But hopefully ambitious, beneficial and supportive over the long run. It takes a village?


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