Hmmm, seems that today's entry is a bit of a "thought dump", given that I've not really achieved much of late. So:

  • Trying to refocus on some weight loss. Yesterday I hit the same weight I was January 4, 12. I guess it could be worse; I could be heavier. But not good enough.
  • With that, I want to redouble my workout efforts, both mileage and gym. With our schedule getting into the gym is not easy, but again, some things in life aren't easy
  • I've been a Negative Nancy of late. I need to be inspired in some way and things are dull.
  • I switched from the Dirt Drops to the Noodle on the Sogn. I'll be riding that mount tonight, so I'll be able to give my thoughts.
  • I took the westward commute yesterday afternoon, I believe, for the first time this present school year. I rode the Troll hard. It's not the easiest bike to tempo with, but it is comfy. I had some deadness in my right elbow, part of my on-going tendinitis there. I was passed by a roadie on the Beargrass Trail but chose to not Cat6 chase him. I ran across an old man on a hybrid in Seneca Gardens. I did decide to Cat6 dominate him, as a point of pride of course.
  • Pondero doesn't blog terribly often, but when he does it hits the spot. My thanks to him.
  • The RCCS boys did Gravel Grovel this past Saturday. I was at the in-laws house and chose to not brave the 29F for a morning ride. Emblematic. Symptomatic.
  • Fortunately I've got no projects cooking. Perhaps 2013 will be the year of "Ride the One you're with".
  • "All I wanna do, is take a tour." No, really.



Pondero said…
Sounds like a man about to set a goal. I sense a reach into a future calendar spot, planting a flag, and claiming accomplishment. I can't tell for sure if it will be a race, overnighter, or multi-day tour. My crystal ball needs to be cleaned.

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