Happy Plague!

After an encouraging start to December and to future "mileage whore" status, last Wednesday night precipitated a cascade of Holiday Plague under which I am still mired.  Wednesday was my/our 20th anniversary  and we had choir practice (it *is* the Holidays!), so we took in an After-Choir with some of our own and by that time the throat drainage and coughing had commenced. Niggling. Nothing more.

I woke up at 3.00 coughing. Annoying. But once I tried to cover up and get back to sleep on the couch I knew 'meh' was becoming 'bad', unable to warm up due to incipient chills. I made the brave effort to work Thursday- last day of finals- but left midday with the kind offer from a co-worker to cover my last final. By that afternoon I was in fever dream, very hot and basically in a viral stupor. I stayed that way through Friday afternoon, changing locations occasionally but fundamentally returning to yet more bed. My hips are still sore. Somewhere in there I began to feel less like Death and more like basic Crap. 'L' el Segundo had missed Thursday from school as well, but my Saturday morning he was on his computer doing his gaming thing with friends. 

Sunday I skipped church for which I needed to sing, but no singing would there be. I had "improved" to this drained level of tingly skin, low energy, low appetite and general malaise. Yesterday, Christmas Eve, I managed to go out and make a few purchases, but at the Christmas Eve service I still couldn't sing much, and now the alimentary system is complaining. Mom made a wonderful meal with I enjoyed only a short while before it left me in a flurry.

Christmas morning. Last night at Mom's did well to raise my spirits- which have been and continue to shade grey- and now we have the special day. Peace to those who visit here, to yours and to others.

(wife just passed on this Christmas morning. She's hacking away and now has a sore throat. Can't blame me for that one)


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