My dad took us the hip restaurant Proof (not sure if "on Main" is still part of the name) last night for a holiday meal. The meal and experience was outstanding, one of the best meals I've had. Who knew you could take grandma's roast and turn it into something some amazing? If you're in the 'Ville, please take a look. 

 As to the meal's influence on riding, today I woke up a bit groggy and eventually dragged myself out for some very slow JRA. I impressively averaged a robust 11.7mph and never pushed it at all. Slow, easy, and goofy. Perfect for a lazy Sunday. Tonight we sing in our Xmas concert; I guess Pondero's ramble was to go off today. I hope both events go well.



Pondero said…
The Fourth Annual Fall Finale 40-ish Mile Country Path Ramble was successful on Saturday. We had a good crew, good weather (although some might say "windy"), and a couple of unusual circumstances.

Unfortunately, I am at my Blogger space limit, so I've got to sort some things out before I can post on the event.

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