Nowhere Farm

The good wife is a big fan of Over the Rhine, a singer-songwriter/folk/country/gospel kinda band based in southern Ohio. Through some kind of process, she used some of her Christmas money and bought tickets to a concert held last night on the personal farm of the duo that is OTR. The Civil War era farmhouse lies 40 miles outside of Cincy, and another 45 miles north of my mother-in-law, so we combined a Saturday visit/Sat show/Sunday bike ride/Sunday visit into a mini-holiday trip.

 Their brand of music is nice and I respect it, but I wouldn't call myself a fan. What I am a fan of, though, is being outside in the clean, country air. After 6 or so songs, I got up and milled around their (what looks like) 15-acre spread and eventually gravitated to the far corner for some bird-watching, where I spied me a bob-WHITE, some indigo buntings, what looked like a thrasher or wren and the usual host of farm birds. With the music, 65F temps and no humidity, it was about as nice as it could be, although stars would have been nice too. The wife thoroughly enjoyed herself, as did I, in such a peaceful setting.

Look carefully. Indigo bunting in the middle of that field.

This red-winged blackbird made quite the ruckus every time I passed by.

Spooky Shell station in Macon, OH. Really, a true relic of the past, but still upright. I assume it's not open, but you never know.


Lots of red winged black birds around here. The voices of windows 98. The gas pump photo is really a nice shot.

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