Post-tennis is going well. I'm a bit light, free. Today I did the commute as I did M and T (my late-night jra T ended up hampering my Wednesday commute. Excuses) and on the way home I dropped in on the OYLC crew to get some Shop Time, something which I haven't had in a while. I jawed a bit with Drew and Jimmy and met John and Ben who were interloping from MI. After some Cherokee/Waverly talk they invited me for a mug at Cumberland, which I felt would be rude to turn down, so I rolled the Sogn down to the joint and helmet locked up to a trash can. They were amenable to sitting outside, and at 4.30 there wasn't much demand, so we had a few pale ales and enjoyed the 65F, overcast, breezy, blissful weather.

Ben and I talked a good bit about frames, bikes, building (he's a burgeoning builder himself. I'm sorry I forgot his framesake's name), trails and all kinds of other shit. John was a good convo too, but he had his eye on a long-lost lady friend he hadn't seen in a while (he lives in MI but lived for a while in the 'Ville). I bade them adieu and returned home only to make a brief pit stop before embarking again- this time on the Blueridge- with 2 bottles of wine in the rando bag along with some sandals. A long-time Sprench teacher is retiring and a reasonably young colleague threw the party. The ride over was a bit humid but very nice, and after an evening of small talk, a couple glasses of wine and cake (there was other food too), I had the good fortune to return home via the BR in 60F breezy bliss.

Certainly why we make the effort to ride two wheels.  All others, please be jealous.


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