Wants and Needs

Being that it's the end of the tennis season, I will come into a bit of cash/debit card, probably to the tune of around $200-300. Seeings how I busted the budget on SeaFoam this Spring, this cash will be my summer fun adventure $$. I need to use it wisely and would love any insight, reviews, feedback, opinions or just good ol' grousing.

Here are some ideas with justifications:

  • 2-man tent- I've been running the 1-man Alps coffin tent. It's small but lightweight, but it's not freestanding and I think I'd like a freestanding tent. Alps and some other makers have some good deals. Deal is, I would like to keep the weight down for bike touring purposes.
  • Bag liner- Silk or fleece. Obviously this maximizes the uses of the 45F summer bag or can be used for a summer-weight bag. This seems like a good idea, and an affordable one too.
  • Bivy- Again, I'm thinking of summer touring. I know bivys have their limitations, but for an S24O I can't think of a much better solution.
  • Small handlebar bag- I would like a bag for SeaFoam for a camera or/and my small binoculars. Along with the liner, I think this is a must-do, but I'm sort of picky. SeaFoam at present will have the OMM lowriders, so it has no front rack AND I doubt I'll mount one at the moment b/c I like the dynolight crown placement. I looked at RBW doesn't sell a BrandV handlebar bag anymore, and the bar tube won't work for binocs. A quandry.
  • Compass 26" tires- $150 for fancy 26" road tires for SeaFoam. That bike rides fantastically so needs some good road tires, something the Marathons are not; they're effective tank tread. That said, I have other road bikes, so why spend yet more $$ on another damn pair of tires.(Loveless convinced me that Paselas can get the job done for a fraction of the cost at the moment)
  • New pad- present BA "Iron MT" has a tiny hole that I can't find. I've boxed it up and it's being sent for inspection tomorrow. If that gets adequately fixed, I don't need anything new, but one of those fancy, superlights look juicy. Too bad my fat ass needs a Therafoam or whatev those expensive-ass mattresses are.
  • SPD touring pedals- instead of the Dura-ace roadie pedals on My Precious. The time will come, eventually.
I think this list does the trick for the moment.


Scott Loveless said…
I'm with you on the bigger, free standing tent.

Riv still lists the Brand V boxy bar bag, but it's out until June.

Just get 26x1.75 Paselas. Maybe you could write "Compass" on the sidewalls in chalk.
Tim Smith said…
@Loveless, couldn't agree more with Pasela idea.
Kokorozashi said…
I'm also in agreement with a bigger, free-standing tent and also with the bag liner. That's one thing I plan to snag -- I have a new bag for this summer, one that isn't like five pounds and the size of an overweight corgi on steroids -- but a liner will round things off nicely.

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