Fine Night

No,  I didn't pound a hundy yesterday in the wonderful weather. Instead I rebuilt the compost pile and spent a good hour or more cutting honeysuckle and wild grape off the corner of the fence. It's looking a bit less wild now.

In the evening the fam wanted to go close for supper so we decided to roll up to Dundee Tavern, the local. Given the proximity, I decided to roll up on the Sogn instead of the car, and I was pushy about eating outside. How often do you get mid-70s and low humidity in the 'Ville in summer? Never!  Aside directly facing the sun (thank you occasional clouds), it was a very chill, dare I say, urbane meal on the patio if you want to call it that. The two Guinness helped.

The evening took an interesting turn as we were finishing up when a big pack of casual cyclists came rolling up, and to my somewhat surprise, I knew quite a few of them. Just a week ago on Facebook I saw a picture of numerous parents of former students- pretty much all from the neighborhood- on Facebook at a bicycle soiree at 'Ville's famous Mike Linning's. Seems that this crew of middle-agers gets out on all forms of bicycles and visits "destinations", which I think might involve cold, refreshing beverages and good food. Well,  last night this group grabbed plenty of tables and set themselves about fooding and rehydration and general revelry. Fact is, it looked Fun! Some of the group included the famous De Vlaeminck (name changed) brothers with whom I used to ride in the summers. Fast, fit boys they are. I loved the broad spectrum of cyclists in this crew: "real" roadies, newbies, two daughters- former students- representing absent parents, a tandem in full kit, *all* shapes and sizes of active middle-agers.

My own crew moved on to Graeter's for some summer ice cream, but I later walked back and rejoined the cyclist crew for another yummy brown water. Seems that Thursday night at 6.30 is the night for this crew. What a wonderful summer tradition to get involved in! I hope to make it a regular appointment for myself.


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