I celebrated the last Sunday before the school year starts with a Metric Hundy, graciously supported by riding pal Dave. I need miles if I am to attempt my family camp Hundy in 2 weeks, and Dave needs miles for his MI Hundy in September.

We started with a coffee and then some "dumb" miles in Seneca, Cherokee and Iroquois to get things rolling. From there were encountered our first big test, Jefferson Hill (1k at 8%) which we passed in style.

Downtown is barely discernible to the left, the airport to the right.

The combo of Top Hill Rd. and Knob Creek is a delightful one, especially on a nice morning as we had. Our next test was Barrelton Hill, perhaps the toughest of the 1k climb in the area. I made it all the way up for either the first or the second time, and felt pretty good at the top. Hooray Gears!! From there we found our store stop and loaded up on sugary, salty treats.

By our return on Blevins Gap we were feeling the 40+ miles. I still felt frisky until I made the dumb call to give a brisk out-of-saddle on the second Blevins climb. Oops. No Bueno.  From there it was along the crappy, busy, tight Manslick run and through Iroquois again. At UofL, Dave checked his messages and saw he was clear so we did a late-ride 4Pegs stop for more salty (and hoppy) goodness. First we had to puzzle over the new bike markings along 1st Street. Experienced urban cylists both, we're still a bit confused.

The Stout chili fries and Stout took it out of me, so I crawled the last 5 miles home, giving me 63 on the day. Great day. Great ride.


Kokorozashi said…
Well done on the ride and those climbs! That *is* a bizarre road marking. I might have to go take a look at it myself. I'm hoping they're not intending it as some whack-tastic bidirectional bike lane.

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