A nice hike (with a bike)

First, let me set the stage by saying that we all know they come in threes. Friday I left the house for a 1.5hr road jaunt on the fancy bike. I felt great and hit some good warm-up tempos. "This is going to be a good day!". "Ouch!". Been sting, right in the leg. I could even feel the stinger hung up in my shorts a bit. A few years ago I had a very severe reaction to a sting on a ride and ended up in the emergency care center for several hours, so this time I waited a bit, soft-pedaled a bit, and eventual limped home for a grand total of 12 miles. One.

Saturday after Z's first soccer game (and before the evening game. They won both- same team at a tourney- with a goal differential of +14), I grabbed the mtbike for a 1.5hr bit of trail work. I was feeling pretty good and perhaps a bit edgy from the previous day's fail. At the top of a hill, "Crack!". Broken freaking chain. I hadn't brought my full kit, so had no chain tool, so I mostly walked home for a grand total of 3 miles. Two.

The stage was set for Sunday. Would the third come? Dave and I left out early enough to catch a small bit of the Ironman. By the time we hit downtown the front markers were well out of the water, but the energy was evident. No, I don't want to do it. As we crossed the second street bridge we caught a glimpse below of swimmers, kayak support crew, and a few police boats not evident here.

I had been occasionally experiencing a weird little "shirking" noise, mostly when I started up or sometimes when I turned. We made our way through New Albany and it seemed like it was increasing ever so slightly. By the time we were on Corydon Pike I decided to stop and take a looksie. Broken spoke. Three.

**I'm too damn busy to elucidate more on this. Fact is, instead of mileage Dave trued the wheel enough and we went on a crazy-ass adventure along a power cut. The "path" is listed on google bike maps, so we did it, mostly walking. It was nuts. It was fun. Nobody got hurt save the salt bomb at a certain red and yellow restaurant at the top of the hill. From there it was down Old Vincennes and back home. A good time was had. A return visit is a very reasonable idea.

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