Well, today I with some great bike friends did a great Fall bike ride on some great rural roads. The leaves are falling, the temperatures crisp, the legs behaving, the camaraderie excellent. Please take a look and enjoy as I did. Route at the bottom.
Descent down Chandler/Martini Ln. in Trimble Co.

Martini Ln.

Sulphur-Bedford road along Little Kentucky River valley. Cemetery, brick farm house, Fall foliage.

Riders yon along the valley.

Hardy Creek Rd. out of Bedford under Fall foliage. Spectacular.

The opening of Georges Creek Rd.

At the bottom of the long, shallow descent of Georges Creek. I stopped to soak in the sun and spy a bird.

Hawk doing his thing.

Limestone rock wall. Very KY.

The gentle ascent up Mill Creek Rd.

Amish brethren up the road a bit. They waved when they turned.


Riding in the fall is pretty sweet.
Barturtle said…
I like riding with people who take pictures. I never remember to. Or more likely, I don't want to stop having a good time.
Duc said…
The last two pics, on Mill Creek Road, are my usual route in the summertime. That would be near the end of my ride as I head east toward English. Twice a week. I'm missing the ride already.
Tim Smith said…
@Barturtle For me, capturing part of the moment with a good pic is part of having the good time (and it's an excuse to catch a breather when needed).

@Duc, Riding that regulary would provide much satisfaction, in lieu of fighting cars in the Highlands.

@MR Yes, for sure.

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