Coffeeneuring #4

Controle #4
3.2 miles
Sunergos @ Preston St.

On face value this appears to be a short-n-sweet coffeeneuring trip, a weekend jaunt to earn a cup and treat. In reality, this was a very well-earned effort for a relaxing post-ride repast. The sun indicates that this visit took place during the afternoon, which it did. What is not evident is that we began the day at Sunergos with a pre-trip cup at 7.00 before our drive up to Muscutatuck NWF for a morning of gravel and country riding. Both Asher and I needed to get a coffeeneuring entry in the for the weekend, so after 40 miles of rough stuff, he, Dave and I remounted for a stroll through G'town, exceeding the minimum by a solid mile, and loosening the legs with our 5K coffee stroll. I refortified myself with a cafe au'lait, a preferred drink when I feel like cutting the bitterness of a full cup o'joe. The cookie I threw in as well to replace some calories.

On the drive home we had hemmed-and-hawed as to whether we preferred doing a coffeeneuring trip, instead wanting a full meal to replace our 3-hour calorie burn. Mid-5k, we all agreed that amid the sunshine and relaxed pace, it was the perfect post-ride descanso. And the cup hit the spot.


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