Coffeeneuring #2 and #3

Coffeeneuring Controle 2
19/10/13 Saturday
15 miles
Highland Coffee
Last week I visited Quills first, giving me #1 on the day. Yesterday morning I braved the dank, gray, windy skies and did a little toodle on the Blueridge, through the parks and then to OYLC for some magazine reading. Afterwards, it was a short roll up to Highland Coffee for a short cup and a french toast biscotto, which really wasn't half bad.  The ride was what it needed to be, a not-to-ambitious spin to get the legs moving and get out of the house after a morning of rain. I had the added bonus of seeing a friend and her daughter in the coffee shop; it's nice to make those social connections by happenstance in our small/medium/big town/neighborhood thing.

Controle 3
20/10/13 Sunday
2 miles (the minimum)
This morning held the promise of a vaunted VitaminG(ravel) ride, so my coffee foray was quite a bit different from my previous. I was to leave mid-morning, so today I jumped on the Ute and visited Breadworks for a morning start-up before the "real" riding was to commence. Fact is, this is a coffee run I do constantly on the weekends, the quickie minimum-distance jaunt up to BW for their cup of neutral, solid, unsuspecting coffee and sometimes with some food. This morning is was only coffee, with an extra KleenKanteen thermos full for the extended morning. Inelegant, but fulfilling all the more.


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