Some Thoughts on being Fat

I'm sure I'll forget some of my Fat thoughts, but based on a couple rides this week, including a 11F ride after work on Thursday and this morning at 25F after a fresh 3":
  • I dropped that psi real low this morning (too cold to actual measure. Bottomed out once). This worked great on plowing new trail on golf course or rolling fresh trail on mtbike routes.
  • I have rarely experienced anything more punishing that riding Nates on the road at 5psi. 
  • I need a mini-pump (or use one I have) to vary psi. It annoys me to have to start/stop and empty/fill, but I think I'm motivated after pushing that 5psi on the roads home.
  • Fattie sure does get a lot of questions and smiles. Really. More than any bike I've ever been on, followed by the Ute. Both the frames are gold/copper in color. Doubt that contributes.
  • Once I stopped breaking trail and used established routes other bikes had been on, I really would have been better at 12-15psi. It would be really interesting to roll a route on Fattie and then do the same on a fattish 29er. Seems like I need to organize a Comparison Trial.
  • I didn't really get off on rolling trails on Fattie, but then I found myself at KYMBA downhill in Cherokee and Holy Shit do those Nates bite. BITE. OK, climbing sucks on the Fattie, but descending, whether on the trails or taking a Marshmallow descent down an open hill is *amazing*.
  • I'm pretty happy how I've been layering lately. Thursday 11F I had 2 layers down, 3 thinnish layers up, good head coverage and my feet were frozen. Really, I was comfy at 11F, which is stupid.
  • I love reading the different surface conditions of snow riding: crust, fluff, depth, ice, texture, concrete. 
  • Would love to do a comparison ride between Mukluk and Pugs. I have read that Mukluks are more mid to low-trail, which means a lack of nimbleness on trails, but I also appreciate the non-twitchy nature in snow situations. Interesting contrast in design, if true.

Thursday afternoon at 11F on crusty leftovers

 Moustache snotcicle

Saturday morning 25F after 3" overnight


Blue peeking through 

Wind-swept thick stuff 

Experimenting this morning with a cheap Cabela gaiters. Right with, left without. FAR preferred with, as no snow found my socks and that boot stayed drier. 



How do you like the goggles? I have been thinking about getting some lately. The only thing that keeps me from riding in really cold temps in that the bridge of my nose aches for several minutes. I think goggles would help with that.
Tim Smith said…
@KP I would say *definitely* pick up some goggles for really cold weather. My are 'Smith' which I ordered from the the lbs. They're a less expensive/cheaper model but do everything I need them to do, including keeping my face much warmer in the cold. And mine never fog up either. I chose a lighter greyish/pinkish lens, too, to ride in a greater variety of conditions. I don't remember having worn them in the dark, but I think I could make it it. Given our shitty '14, I would order some in a hear beat.

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