State of the Union

I'm gonna be honest here. As a person who is inclined towards pessimism, I'm pretty pessimistic this morning:

  • burned out at work
  • burned out on brutal winter weather
  • burned out on coaching. I'm pissed that the KHSAA is proposing things that would/will make my coaching even less fun than it is now.
  • burned out on this crappy diet of restaurants and quickie food. Team effort. Can't fly solo on this one.
  • burned out on CoachCal. Cats ain't so good right now. The Brow, Boogie, and JohnW ain't in the building.

That's enough. At least Real is playing decently. At least we have out health. That's worth something. At least I'm not posted up in bed with the bottom of my leg torn off like some other people I know.

Carry on.


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