Aun mas snow

We got a nice 3-5" last night, so this morning that meant no school and more fatbiking. I did the usual tour through Seneca and park of Cherokee trails. For some reason, maybe tire pressure, maybe depth, maybe #excuses, I had a good-but-tough time. The snow seemed sort of wet and heavy, so I still don't know whether to drop pressure or add to make things flow better. I have a feeling I have better traction than the skinny bikes, but I'm not so sure I make faster time.

I might just sneak back out later today. It's sunny, relatively warm at 32F, and #outsideisfree.

 Having issues with old camera with shutter. Dumb. That's my track to the right as compared to a 29er what rolled through earlier.

 Fattie rolling through mixed trail after a few other skinny bikes.

 This section down along the west golf course was sort of funny, in that when I followed the skinny tire tracks I found myself a little off-kilter, so instead when need I found a better line just plowing.

 Shutter issue, but you can see the skinny tracks occasionally having trouble. I didn't have much trouble.

Road climb out of Cherokee populated by different fat tires, of the motorized kind.

Rolling was interesting today. Once I hit the Cherokee trails I found that fighting through the walker tracks was really tough, laboring. I also lost some traction too along the trails in the thicker snow. So, do I drop even more? I have a feeling I was around 10psi. Some people will say, "Drop!", but I'm a big dude. Let's keep that in consideration.

I'm tired, but I really could go out again. Derek from OYLC  and Brian from the Kentuckiana Fat Bikes FB page and KYMBA were going out today at 12 and I couldn't make that due to family considerations, but I really do want to connect up with that crew sometime. Damn better than being at work.


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