KYMBA Fatbike Ride

After going solo for most of my fattying, yesterday I rode with the KYMBA crew for a very chill, fun 20 miles across the bridge and through the terrain PJ, Dave and I inspected a month ago, only this time with plenty of snow, slush, and crust to negotiate. Of the 6 of us, we had 3 Pugs (SpecialOps, SpecialOps "retro", yellow shop loaner), a couple 29ers and me. Actually, on my roll down to the river I inspected a little nook along the much-graffitied railroad tracks which led to a service road of some type and then a bum camp. I'd say the options are somewhat limited there, but worth a look.

The crew was quite mellow and fun to talk to, assisted by the pre-ride growler, and certainly having more fatties around was entertaining. A few come from a more mtbiking background, so they were willing to try some maneuvers that I usually am not, including rolling the abandoned bridge that so far I have only been willing to walk in IN and rolling a huge ice blog run-up at our lunch stop, at which I endo'd and hurt myself, although not really. Nothing broken, on the bike nor on me.

The ride pace and convo-paced vibe on this crew- especially after 2 beers at Bank Street Brewhouse- reminded me much of my wanderings with the usual crew. It seems that fatbikes and gravel roamers coexist in the non-racing world of bicycles. I know I can't get out next Saturday, but I hope to do some more funfatbiking with this crew.

(This entry is poorly worded. Must be my injuries. Or laziness.)



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