Birds (no bikes)

They cancelled school today for a forecast of late-afternoon snow. It's 2.42, well after high school, and there have been, perhaps, 10 total droplets of rain.

I went out and looked at some birds this morning. Here they are. Some are new to me:

Red  Breasted Merganser
Ruddy Duck
White Winged Scoter
Greater Scaup
Common Goldeneye
Ringed-bill gull
Canada goose
Great Heron
Double Breasted Cormorant
Downy Woodpecker
Yellow-rumped warbler (female)- I saw a bevy of these down at Eva Bandman 'cross park. Hard to keep up with all of them, although flat light made them hard to ID. I had help.
Horned Grebe
Song Sparrow House Sparrow
Chipping Sparrow

And a usual mix of robins, cardinal, starlings, crows, and other little brown birds I couldn't identify. Same goes for the Eva Bandman area. There were cool water birds to look at, but the forest birds must have woken up from a slumber.


John Sullivan said…
I see lots of birds and water fowl every day but don't know what they are. It may be time for me to spend some time learning birding because they are such a pleasure to sit and watch.
Tim Smith said…
"Sibley's" is the "go-to", according to the bird nerds. I like it. $15ish and you're in. Even better, spend a couple hundred for a decent pair of small binocs and you're bird-n-biking in no time.

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