I keep getting Fat

Brian from KYMBA, with whom I rode Saturday, texted me to see about interest in another ride today. Why wasn't I at work, you ask? Because the school system canceled classes with literally a dusting on the ground. This one was a legitimate mystery. Oh well. The temps will be rising soon, and with it will disappear the layer of winter we've had now for months. 

We left from the riverfront and headed down the Rivewalk and out to Shawnee and back, sticking to snow on the way out and find some amazing frozen mud on the return. I don't have many pics, but it's hard to describe, really, the notion of rolling on a layer of icemudsnowfrostleaves, all on the 4" Nates. What a year to purchase a fatbike. Crazy.

Mods today, with ugly seatpack and extra tube, top tube bag at seattube junction for personals, and back to shorter stem (with better headset adjustmet). Long stem was fine, but I'm keeping the shorter one. Cockpit was excellent. 

 Swollen Ohio River in background. Big Muddy.

Hard, as well, to describe the sensation of riding along in those ruts on either side. At 25F, they were quite icy, so I often tried to find a snowier, safer path. They looked inviting, but looks can be deceiving. 

More dinosaur tracks 

Brian riding on terrain that literally was *underwater* yesterday before the river receded last night. It's cold enough for the mud to firm right up, with a cool, crunchy glaze of rideable ice on top.


David Crowell said…
I thought it was silly when you bought a fatbike. Now I'm jealous.
Barturtle said…

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