RawlandMind @ NAHBS2015

This is Nate from Michigan. As you can see, he was sporting a nicely-patina'ed Rawland bike hat, and at some point during an after-show party I found him to have a chat and a pic. In fact, upon leaving the show earlier that day I noticed a nice Rawland Stag in the bike parking area and had a little look at its balanced build.

(Pic is a little fuzzy, but build is nice. We didn't talk about how he liked the Soma Cazaaderos, or are those the 650b Rock-n-Roads)

(tired-looking old man)

Nate is from Michigan and regaled me of the miles and miles of gravel up there. Along with some singletrack talk I had with the boys from Quiring Cycles, I feel like I'm going to have to design a MI bike visit.


Unknown said…
It was great meeting you Tim! I of course also noticed your Rawland in the lobby and snapped my own picture.

And to answer you question, those are the Soma Cazaderos and I like them quite a lot. Perfect for that Michigan gravel!

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