Danville Roll

Family had some business in Danville, KY on Saturday, so after some hemming, hawing, and whining about potential rain I dragged the Blueridge along for a mid-day central KY roll. While I faced damp conditions, I never really got rained on, which was nice. More nice, though, was the chance to tour the Bluegrass region of KY. I know there are areas considered more "epic" or "raw", but C.KY has that "bucolic America" quality that is easy on the eyes. We finished the day up at Bluegrass Pizza Pub in the middle of town. They have yummy crispy pizza and a fine tap selection. The wife and I visited a summer or two ago on a mini-trip, and it's a must visit while in the area.

And now, the drop:
Rolling hills and "bluegrass" fences to the west of town (into a stiff headwind). I was surprised at the horsefarm-like nature of the area this far south of Lexington.
The mouth of the eath. I noticed a rivulet rushing to the right and once there I found the stream to be coming straight out the earth. It's KY. It's limestone. It's caves.

More horsefarmish style.

When I win the lottery I'm going to make them an offer they can't refuse. You have the rolling pastures, some trees for texture, and in the distance the foothills and knobs of the early Appalachians. The long, rolling (that word again), gravel driveway did it for me, into the distance.

The Wife and I, both graduates, both learned a bit about our alma mater today. The sign states that Transylvania U. was founded just north of Danville in this spot and then, I guess, moved to Lexington, where it now stands. Nice spot, too.

Somewhat common railroad crossing in the area. The tracks are carved down into the..rolling...hills, leaving the road to cross above at grade.


Tim said…
I've ridden that route a few times. If you're in CKT again let me know and we'll go for a ride. Warning. I'm fairly slow. 13 avg mph.
Tim Smith said…
Will do. CKY is good stuff. Really enjoy Lincoln Co and western Boyle.

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