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For the second time in recent memory, Louisville is going to host a big cycling event, and for the second time in recent memory, Mother Nature's furious anger has rained down on the 'Ville. The 2013 Cyclocross Worlds were met with flooding and a very unhappy schedule change, which was fine for a resident local but all-out Hell for Euros flying in. This weekend we have the NAHBS coming in, lots and lots of bike porn invading the convention center. And what just happened, a March snowstorm dumping a foot on us. I drove downtown this evening and found snow-covered but doable streets helped by this afternoon's sunshine. Tomorrow's start might sort of suck, what with the temps in the morning in the single digits, but by Saturday things are supposed to warm up into the 40's and Sunday even better. I found a link on the NAHBS site for daily morning rides before the event gets going, but I doubt they'll have many takers tomorrow.

I, on the other hand, am volunteering tomorrow for the purposes of getting a free tix for Saturday or Sunday. Because I refuse to pay for parking, my cold ass is going to be fatbike commuting the 7 miles downtown in single digit temps on black ice and crust.


Pondero said…
"snow-big-deal" for an adventure guy like you, right?

I went to the first NAHBS in Houston, and a later one in Austin. Both times were special. Be careful and have a great time.

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