Waverly 5-star

I know I'm committing regular blog faux pas at this point, what with all the posts sans photos, but so  it goes.  I dragged Mr.Crowell (no other takers) out to Waverly for some trail action this morning, and I'm still hyped. It was such a good morning on two wheels in the woods. My fitness is coming around so I'm able to mash the pedals and throw the bike around to great effect. I set 9 segment records (according to Strava), and I know that is just a reflection of someone getting in shape on the bike. I felt good. It was fun. I attacked things. And the way Dave and I managed the ride, we were able to combine some nice group/solo sections. I think he had a good time too. I'm sure he did.

Better than sitting at home on the damn couch! Get out there!


bikeolounger said…
It's okay to commit "blog faux pas" errors at times. For example, I saw a blog about a World Naked Bike Ride, and while some of the pictures were tasteful, some were not all that great--they bordered on creepy voyeurism.
Anonymous said…
MLS is in full playoff chase. The EPL and Legue 1 are playing. High school and soccer teams begin next week. The couch is not such a bad thing this time of year.
Tim Smith said…
Footie point leaves me grasping for a retort.

As to World Naked Bike Ride, well, I'd rather not see myself participate.

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