2015 end-of-year bric-a-brac

I'll do one of my handy dandy "Best of" posts soon, but I want to take some time to assess things first. Of note, though, is that 2015 was my biggest mileage year ever. I did a 32-miler today, giving me 4510 for the year. I made mention last year of wanting to supersede 5k, which I didn't achieve, but I'm very happy with my results.  It's been a big bike stable year as well, which I'm sure inspired some of my road time, so I need to supply some information on those changes too.

I'm trying to clean up the moribund blog as well. I've been posting for 10 years now, but if you look around, the blogworld is dying on the vine. I suspect the same reasons I'm not blogging dictate why other folks aren't blogging either: lack of time, lack of content, changing "social media" values and platforms, more activity and less talking about activity.  For me, I fear that fewer folks are posting and reading, so I'm inclined to write less as well. I use a rss feed reader on my tablet to keep up with blog traffic, but I don't like it that much and its quirks don't allow for easy commenting. Just now I deleted the "blogs" links on the blog sidebar because so many of them were hopelessly out of date. People change. Platforms change. Interests change. But it doesn't mean that I'm not interested in what Pondero, AMidnightRider, or Doug (Who is back!) are doing on bikes. The blog flow has just changed.  One goal for the depths of winter is to clean the blog presentation up and rebuild my blog list with blogs that are interesting, active, and reflect my current interests.

Hope 2015 was a fulfilling year for you and that 2016 is full of fun, satisfying plans.


Anonymous said…
Tim: You need to make new blog friends to keep things fresh. My blogroll had an overhaul for the reasons you mentioned and because I stumbled onto two blogs that have created most of my hits and comments over the last few months. Bri is a new bike rider and a daily blogger. (Like we were at one time). The second is Chasing Mailboxes. Mary started an annual event titled Coffeeneuring. I got quite a few new blog friends and dozens of Facebook like minded bicycle people. The coffee challenge was a hoot and I highly recommend that people give it a try.
Happy New Year. Go PSG
Tim Smith said…
Good advice, John. In fact, I did achieve the Coffeeneuring Challenge this year, but perhaps as a sign of the times, I posted via Twitter instead of the blog, and had several interactions with Mary on that platform. I stand accused. But as you say, time to freshen up! (and your "Bri" link instead links to Doug's new page, fyi) Hala Madrid!!!
Doug said…
I can take all the extra hits I can get. No need to correct that link @amidnightrider.

Tim, here's something to help you feel good about your year. You rode 1,200 miles more than me this year. I had my lowest mile year since 2004. I finally had one of those "life got in the way" years that I hear other people talking about.

I'm happy you're feeling like getting a fresh start on the blog. I'll be reading!

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