Crosswalk Ramble

It's winter break, i.e. Christmas break, so amid family, food, more food, even more food, friends, and frivolity, I've been trying to get out and ride my bike(s), to reasonably good effect. Temps have been above normal, although the recent rains have dampened things a bit. Yesterday (Tuesday), I heeded the call of a "meet-up" email to go on an urban ramble marketed for mountain bikes. Barturtle, Micah, and Stephanie joined to became a peloton of 5 with a route designed and captained by Mark, with whom I rode on Barturtle's gravel ride back a few weeks ago. Mark's goal was to visit some new areas and cross several pedways over Shawnee/Watterson Expressway. We totaled 35 miles on the ride and four of us finished with a nice (albeit slow) lunch at Game . I had the Angus burger b/c I'm too cheap to pay $18 for a damn hamburger. Both the sandwich and fries were good, though. With the ride there, mileage for the day totaled 42, which I'm really pleased with. Some images:

Our weather has been wet but not dangerous. This is an image of the 'cross park 

This is not a perfect compare but pretty close, with the 2013 river level issues at the 'Cross Worlds that year. I think it would be a bigger problem now.

 Crossing I-64 at Lannan Park

Lannan Park crossing looking west 

 Really cool mosaic house deep in the West End. Not sure I could find it on a map.

 Really ugly, brutal house in the West End.

 Crossing the Watterson at Watterson Lake Park in Shively

Attempting to capture an interesting industrial line. Don't think it worked. 

Crossing main L&N railroad artery at Louisville Ave. 

I missed pics at the Southern Middle School (it has a different name now, but I'm old school) and Hill St. crossings, but I suspect everybody will live. I'm also trying to play with some new video options, but am not yet ready to publish  (aka I don't know what I'm doing).  Suffice to say, though, it was a really, really nice day on the bike even if my toes and hands got cold from the headwind. Thanks for the route, Mark.


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