Some 2015 highlights

Sr. Smith is a little down these days, so I'm going to post some outside pics to pick me up. Hope they pic you up as well.

Lake Shelby S24O in November

Casey County in September

Somewhere in DBNF in June

Crossing the Rockcastle River watching the swallows in June

Rockcastle River ford near Livingstone, KY in June

PJ with a morning crossing before a hot, long day in June

In terms of "flow", maybe the best hour of cycling of 2015 along the gentle downhill of Carpenter Ridge Rd. near S-Tree in June.

Looking for rustic roads we found them in spades along Wild Horse Creek in DBNF near S-Tree in June.

Ferdinand SF overnight in February

In hindsight I tremendously enjoyed my DBNF ramble with Mr.Crowell in January. We covered all the bases that day, all in our own typically methodical-but-adventurous way. 


Pondero said…
Sorry to hear you aren't at the top of your game, but impressed and intrigued by the notion of identifying the best hour of 2015. That made me ponder a bit. I've been under the weather for a week. Ill enough to not ride, but ambulatory enough to be frustrated by not riding.

Let's go up from here.

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