2016 Highlights

I've done a year-end review for the past several years, and this morning amid the wet, cold, and footie online I realized that I didn't do for this past year. Fact is, 2016 was the hardest for me personally ever. I don't need to share much, but suffice that life was tough. And still is. But, you know, you just have to keep going. I did have some nice experiences on the bike and outdoors and hope to do a bang-up job enjoying my 2017, whatever comes my way.

In no particular order:

  • 4152 mileage- Fact is that number is a bit fudged because of how you deal with mtbiking. I fear the "real" total is a bit less. But that's alright. Fact is, I spent a good deal of time on the bike.
  • My car-free experiment in November and early December went very well. I lost some weight and spent a month and a half do virtually all car-free. It was a fun time. But as soon as it got really cold, I was glad to have something motorized and warm.
  • Numbers show lots of trips on the JonesATB (139) and a balanced approach between the mtJones, IF, and Blueridge (abt 30 each). Those are the 4. I can do everything with those 4. The others in the stable are decoration. The JonesATB was also the mileage winner at 1492.
  • My longest ride of the year was only 57 miles. Oh well.
  • I did very little bike camping in '16. Strange that I had the time to do it, but just didn't. One that does come to mind was me and Dave visiting Clark St. Forest in June, when I did my first hammock camp.
  • The Bee Rock mixed-terrain overnight was definitely a fun one.
  • Mine and PJ's trip to Big South Fork and Bandy Creek certainly turned out differently than anticipated, but it was a fun diversion and one I would like to explore again.
  • I really enjoyed fatbiking at the Falls of the Ohio with Brian in the summer. That certainly was a unique experience.
I didn't blog very much, with my efforts trending towards the visual highlights on Instagram. 2016 was a fog of depression, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. "Make the change a positive one" is what one person suggested to me. I guess that's the task.


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