.04 mile

Date: Jan. 31
Mileage: 15.5
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 35 a.m./46 p.m. windy
January mileage: 289.5
Year to date: 289.5

had a good commute today with...more nice weather, 35 in the a.m. and 46 in the p.m. this is weather you don't really need special feet/glove wear or too many layers. great stuff. my morning was further enhanced by the fact that i found a missing glove this morning at the office. i feared it gone, and w/ post-xmas there is NO $$ for extras at the moment, but found it was. a positive mojo to the a.m.

i had meetings after school today putting me 1.5 hours later than usual, so i decided to punch it home since i was going to be late. i also had had a very headwind kind of morning, so i expected to have the same tailwind home. i tried to keep it at 17mph or so for most of the trip home, understanding the occassional stoplight/stopsign. i also tried to punch it up the few hills on this flatish route home. very invigorating actually. the .04 reference is to the fact that my bike computer still seems a little long, abt .04/mile. i can obviously do the math to get the correct mileage, but it's annoying. i'm going to change the value again in the computer to get it closer.

tomorrow i'm going to try and do another long day with 'lance', especially with forecasts of 57. 57 on February 1st. Ridiculous.


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