The 5 stroke Thunk

Date: Jan. 24
Mileage: 13.5
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 29 a.m./53 p.m.
January mileage: 199
Year to date: 199

had a pretty normal a.m. until i managed to bang my knee of the right shifter at a stop sign. there was no apparent prob until a mile or so later when i began to experience a "thunk/chunk/thwack" somewhere in the drivetrain. the kneetotheshifter had made for one of those big, fat drivetrain fuckups- pardoned my french- so i didn't know if i stretched the cable or bent the hanger or what.

at work i looked at the chain and decided that i had a stuck link, which was moving through the derailleur and "missing" on occassion. i tried the "flexing side to side" thing, hoping that would work.

on the way home i did the side to side thing again, but never quite got ride of it. once home, given the clement conditions, i set out to clean the chain well and see how that went. after some degreaser and dawn and such, i still never got ride of the one stiff link. i'm riding the 'Dale tomorrow and am going to have to work on it again tomorrow. don't know? glad i'm not lost in Montana somewhere b/c i would have to put up with it since i can't seem to get ride of it.

any suggestions out there?

p.s. i've decided i really like the 'Stache bars in the p.m. when my body's feeling more flexible. in the morning i'm a little less supple, so they're just alright. in the p.m. they're great.

and both wheels are outoftrue now. time to experiment with the spoke wrench. always an adventure with my pathetic skills.


Pete said…
Do you have a chain tool? I would just take the link all the way apart and then put it back together again. Or, get a new chain. :)

Clement weather, funny!
Tex69 said…
i do have a chain tool but just haven't put it into action yet. i have VERY poor mechanical skills. i usually break things instead of fixing them.

today somewhat clement again. sorry

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