The Headband

Date: Jan. 23
Mileage: 15
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 37 a.m./47 p.m.
January mileage: 185.5
Year to date: 185.5

nothing special, but had a rewarding commute today, starting the week off right. the a.m. brought a 7.5 route which included some dappled rain, not enough to really soak anything but certainly enough to bead up on the Performance jacket and dampen the feet. the morning temp (37) made it such that i broke out the new Descente skull cap. it was a first time wearing. first reports are good. it was maybe a little warm but nice.

the bigger Q is what to do with gloves. does anybody have some insight about gloves from the 35-45 range? i have 25-35 gloves, under 25 lobster mitts, and a variety @ the upper 40s and warmer, but i can't seem to get anyting comfortable, dry and warm @ 40. if you have thoughts, let me know.

the p.m. i rode partly with 'sheryl', who's her same, nutty self. took the Baxter/Bardstown route all the way home, though i didn't pound the big gear as much as i had done. i followed a Honda Pilot more or less the whole way. i love showing that bikes and cars are comparable in the city, and i get the exercise.

oh, the headband. on the way home i tried my new headband (i lost both a polypro balaclava and a fleece headband over the fall, so i bought some new stuff). it was really too warm for 47. it has some kind of "windtek" or something so it felt like i was under water. i bet it would be perfect at 40ish.

tomorrow they're predicted another run in the 50s. ridiculous. i'm afraid for my plants, that they'll wake up and then die in a huge, nasty freeze.

pics coming soon of the LHT. i'm liking the 'Stache bars more and more.


Pete said…
Honestly, the best thing I've found for those "inbetween" temps is the liner from another pair of mittens. They're fleece and designed to wick, but are supposed to be used inside these gigantic mittens. By themselves, they're perfect. A little cool when you first start out, but nice once you warm up a bit.
Tex69 said…
yes, i need to look into those liners. i have a pair of old polypro mittens which could use a good pair of liners. the polypro may again be too warm for the 40s thing. thanks for the idea though

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