Spokes and Llamas

Date: Jan. 26
Mileage: 14
Ride type: Commute
Bike: Cannondale
Temp: 27 a.m./42 p.m. sunny
January mileage: 213
Year to date: 213

Yes, Llamas. don't see those every day on the 'ole commute.

the LHT still has the stuck link, which i'm going to attack tonight. if not, i'll prob miss tomorrow's commute. i cleaned it well yesterday and today tried some Tri-flow to no avail. next is shaking it some more, and then the chain tool, which i admit i haven't used much. in fact, i suck at working on bikes. i usually takes things apart and then can't put them back together. or i lose the parts of the things i'm working on. or i break the parts that i need to work on. or i just can't fix it. what i really need is a good class or some personal show-and-go. i don't think i'm completely inept, but i'm NOT one of those mechanically minded, so it's trial and error and error and error.

today's commute took place on the 'Dale. i had prepped it a while ago but never used it. this time, i even charged up the old Vistalight system. it's a two light system with a 10W and a 15W. the battery case hangs from the top tub, but it's pretty damn heavy and i lost some of the hardware for the 15W. i was pleased that it charged up nicely after being dead for more than a year maybe. don't know how long it'll run, but it gave me a perfectly good 30min this a.m.

i forgot abt the 'Dale setup, but it's classic roadie on a converted hybrid- seat post high, almost up my derriere, and a stretched-out stem that puts me quite forward. by the p.m. i was harkening back to the good old days of the LHT. my setup has definitely shortened, perhaps more in line with the Rivendell philosophy. i sure as hell am not a racer, so more for comfort. the aluminium 'Dale is much lighter and more nimble than the LHT, so that was sort of fun.

pretty shortly after leaving work i though that my tire was flattening. i look down and, lo and behold, i'd popped a spoke, the rim having that classic wobbble. i slowed way down and took my time so i didn't have a total rim implosion. i meandered through Audabon Pk. for those who don't know, this was a turn of the century planned garden sub, which great houses and trees and gardens and a general vibe. the road along the golf course is one of the best in Luavull, which stately but classic, tasteful homes with interesting non-cookie-cutter architecture. i stopped going in that general direction after being attacked by a BigRed from a Camaro a few years ago. when i have a functioning bike, i think i'll toodle through, and maybe take a pic or 2.

the day ended interestingly. there is a path along a drainage creek behind the Louisville Zoo that i've taken before. not wanting to deal with too many hills without a back brake, and certainly not wanting rearwheelfailure, i went along this trail. to my left at some point was a field of llamas behind a hearty 3-wire fence. now, if you pass cows or horses, they're somewhat trepidatious. these llamas, though, looked at me and then herded over to fence looking for a handout or something. i'm certainly going to try it again to get a pic, 7-10 llamas hanging out look at said biker. this is in a very urban area on perhaps 5 acres or less. strange.

it's supposed to be clement again tomorrow- much to 's dismay- so we HAVE to get some wheels going.


Pete said…
One piece of advice. Don't turn the chain tool so far that the pin pops all the way out. As Steve McQueen said to Horst Buchholz in The Magnificent Seven, "Gently boy, gently."
Chris G said…
I remember riding past llamas out near Kentucky Country Day school 20 years ago. I have no idea if they would still be there anymore or if the school is even still there but the name Wolf Creek Road comes to mind. We also have some llamas out here in WA that I've ridden past. There's one spot in particular over across the sound where there's a llama farm and quite a few of them walking around. Funny looking things.
Tex69 said…
to Pete, thanks. i fiddled around with the chaintool, but couldn't seem to get it centered on the without diggin in to the chain body, thereby negating any process

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