Bike Jog

Date: Jan. 21
Mileage: 15.5
Ride type: BikeJog (road)
Bike: Blueridge
Temp: 46 and sunny
January mileage: 170.5
Year to date: 170.5

today's ride was a BikeJog. this isn't a term i invented, but one that aptly characterizes my mood and effort today. this past week feels like one of the busiest ever, with the last two days spent in all day seminars, including some time on the road. after today's seminar ended @ 3.30, i felt a strong need to get out and stretch the legs, but not the grand desire to make myself suffer. besides that, it was eventually going to get dark, so i decided a quick bikejog would do the trick. if i got 30min in great, if longer even better.

i was going to take the LHT out, but decided on the Blueridge and headed toward the parks. i took things at a moderate to easy pace, but decided to challenge myself by taking in few hills, those at a steady pace as well. the end result with this laissez-faire attitude was a full hour, all in the parks with a total of 7 hills. the one in the park(s) that is still troubling me is "chaufer's rest". it seems that just at the top i run out of gas, and have yet to gauge my effort to complete the hill in good day...

an idea that cropped up today was the idea of taking pics of the many fine homes in and around Cherokee Park and putting some on the blog. around the turn of the century- and before- the Cherokee area was THE PLACE to have a stately home. now there are several very impressive, older mansions tucked in the trees, now surrounded by newer homes when the land was sold off. winter is the only time to really see some of them b/c they're hidden behind hedges and evergreens. maybe some sunny day this winter i'll steal a few pics of the best ones and post them for you non-Luavull folks to see. it's a great area.

after a stressful and busy week, today's bikejog was perfect. let's hope this week will bring some riding time.


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