Roller Time

Date: Jan. 18
Mileage: 9.5
Ride type: Rollers
Bike: RB-1
Temp: '03 Liege-Bastogne-Liege II
January mileage: 155
Year to date: 155

VelociPete appropriately called me out yesterday for whining about "inclement" weather when it was 40 degrees in Louisville, but only 14 or something in the Twin Cities. Point taken. a cold rain, though, is pretty unpleasant to ride through.

this a.m. brought more "unpleasant" weather, in the form of some slightly frozen roads here in Luavull. There was a little snow- no biggie- and i was ready to ride. i subsequently found out that underneath that was a nice, thin layer of ice, and I'm not riding on ice. I like reading the discussions about all the folks up north with studded Nokian tires, but I could only use those something like 2 days a year. So no commute this a.m.

this p.m. i was going to hit the road but i instead got on the rollers for a second time this season, this time continuing '03 LBL. I promised myself last time on the rollers to extend my time, which i did by 10 minutes. i remember further that, when you tire on rollers, you can more easily fall off. I wish I could set up both the rollers and the Turbo trainer downstairs, but alas, Legos take precedence.

i did my time though and will have better commuting opportunities tomorrow.


Lunatic Biker said…
I also live in Minneapolis so I'm envious of the 52 degree temp I see on your weather dealy. Don't blame you for not wanting to ride on the ice. I do it but I don't like it.
Pete said…
I'm totally with you on the cold rain. I'd rather ride in 20 degree dry than 40 degree rain. Once you're soaked, there's no warming up.

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