The Birds!!!

Date: Feb. 20
Mileage: 15
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 21a.m./27p.m.
February mileage: 109
Year to date: 398

today was a good commute day, a little chilly in the a.m., a little chilly in the p.m., but a nice vibe. the a.m. brought nothing unusual, the typical flat route with the "side extension" and the "north extension", for 8 miles instead of 6. the p.m. brought a decision to not push too hard. the temp really hadn't changed much morning to afternoon, so i was in mostly the same clothes sans one top layer. the computer advertised 27, but i really think by the time i arrived at home, it was closer to 32. i intended on going into the parks and plugging in some mileage. instead, i was inspired to goof around and return home via various alleyways and side streets. one other time i had used this particular alley which parellels Bardstown, the major thoroughfare. this time, i extended the alley notion and spliced and diced alleys and small streets for much of the way home. the "Birds" reference came in one alley where to the left were/are several shrubs or vines with red winter berries. i apparently disturbed a huge flock of robins, so when i passed, they all flew in a frenzy. i'm surprised A that they didn't hit me and B moreso that they didn't take a birdie dump on my cycling jacket. shortly thereafter or before i heard somebody playing bongos in their apartment. gosh, i wish i was their neighbor!!!!! can you imagine? i think i outgrew any chance of enjoying bongos when i was 21. in fact, i went to a party one time with lots of hippies playing bongos (i certainly cultivated the dirty partier/neo-hippie thing). all i could do is shake my head at how White they were, no racial negativity intended.

today was also successful b/c i figured out that the "tick tick" from a few days ago is NOT the BB but rather the Brooks saddle. this saddle made noises on the old bike. i hoped the seatpost would help, which it did for a while. now it's "tick ticking" again. things i've read say to NOT TIGHTEN the adjuster screw, but how do you get rid of the tick? the rails fit quite nicely into the LHT's seatpost, so i'm at a loss. i'm encouraged, though, but a confidence that the BB isn't going to explode into 1000 pieces at 6.20 in the a.m. when it's 20 degrees.

i almost didn't ride today, but my wife mentioned those "people in MN whose blogs i read". i think she was challenging my manhood (personhood? Jill in AK is WAY tougher than i could ever be). ride i did. the rest of the week is tennis though. looks like a.m. jogs. JOY!


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