i'm really Canadian

totally refined, sublime and serendipitous moment this afternoon. NBC had the Daytona 500 on- ensuring them much better ratings i'm sure than the Olympics with all the Bubbas and Mrs. Bubbas- so i found curly on CNBC or one of those. at first i thought "stupid", but if you watch it a little, it's sort of interesting- darts+shufflebard+bowling+bocce+Jarts+kitchen cleaning+...Beer. from what i gather abt this sport, its origins lie in Canada. is that true? and from what i've heard, the Canadians LOVE to go to curling halls, watch curling, and drink enormous quantities of Beer whilst cheering for curlers. i went down to the kitchen and, lo and behold, i had one Labatt's left. i've picked up "Blue" and "White" as a drink of choice after visiting my dad in Detroit, where it's served at games as prominently as Budweiser.

in my chair, drinking a Canadian beer, and watching Curling. the small pleasures of life.


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