Like a Phoenix

Date: Feb. 19
Mileage: 3
Temp: 18 (a.m.)
February mileage: 9
Year to date: 9

as stated here this a.m., i really was struggling with activity amidst the pleasant weather. don't know what did it, but for some reason i jumped up around 11.15, got dressed, and took a run. i've stated, and will continue to state, that i don't like jogging, BUT it does seem to be an effective antidote against the brisk (18 at run time) temps. the correspondence of cold and jog bring to light another interesting note, in that my most effective single piece of athletic apparel, something my mom & dad gave me for xmas one year, is a Nike winter running jacket. now, i'm not a big fan of McShoe empire, and their hype of figures such as Lance, JoinBode and Be Like Mike make me sort of sick. This jacket, though, is perfect for under 30. it's not cut conducively for biking, but it never fails. if it's under 30, you wear one piece of base- varying thickness for the temp- and the jacket and it's just that, perfect. today i wore this spandexy baselayer i bought from REI at some point and the jacket at 18 degrees and i was totally, totally comfortable. wish i could get appropriate shoewear.

i have a feeling i'm going SLOW on these runs...oops...jogs, but i do feel some accomplishment from them. today, for example, i was actually out for 39.00, with some walking thrown in there for good measure. in a way, i hope i'm not running 13.00/mile, b/c a one-legged grandma with a walker could do that, but hey, who gives a shit. "Just Do It!". and my toes don't freeze.


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