"tick, tick, tick, tick"

Date: Feb. 13
Mileage: 14
Ride type: Commute
Bike: LHT
Temp: 25a.m./37p.m. + sunny
February mileage: 77.5
Year to date: 366.5

that's what i heard both ida y vuelta today. i finally get back on the horse after missing a whole week (last commute last Monday). it was a brisk 25, but i was well-dressed and comfortable. i noticed part of the way in that i was hearing a chrip/tick from somewhere below- bottom bracket, wheel, brake pad, chain, etc. i had it on the way home too, and it seemed to be getting worse. i also heard the chirp if i peddled backwards too. strange, although in the end i fear it's a loose bottom bracket. why is it loose, i have no freakin' clue. in fact that's pretty damn frustrating, as i've had other bikes that have NEVER had a bottom bracket probl. i'm wondering if it's a ramification of the ebay purchase, in the it came with some shit BB. that's certainly an easily-hidden crap part.


really, while being sort of cool today, it was nice weather- 25 going and 36 coming with plenty of sunshine.

i don't know now whether to ride or what, given that i KNOW i can't fix a BB on my own. i'll either convert of to the Rans or the Crosscheck for the moment or just ride the damn thing until something breaks. then i'll know the true answer!


Pete said…
Mine's ticking too. I noticed it after I tightened up the rear wheel. If you ride regularly, stuff loosens up. Don't sweat it, get it fixed.
Tex69 said…
you're right. it's just annoying. and my fav LBS is actually in another state, in Indiana abt 20min away. i'll heed your sage wisdom and move forward.

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