last saturday i took the pics, so now i'm going to introduce on occassion some of these great old homes in the area, some true estate homes and other tasteful "suburb" homes of an earlier era. i'm generally terrible about street names, although i know exactly where i'm going, so i approximate the location.

the first is "Hayfield", which happens to be only a mile from our house. it's early construction is late 1700s- which is quite cool. from a notsosure recollection, the school that sits near our home is situated on land that was originally part of the estate. an interesting, or maybe banal, fact is that the former superintendent of the public schools, for which i work, lived in the this house and his kids went to my high school. a certainly interesting fact is that they were Christian Scientists and therefore took no medical care. henceforth they weren't inoculated against measels and proceeded to get them when all hte other kids didn't. sort of fun.

and here is the LHT leaning on the mailbox (not original) of Hayfield. prob can't see much detail, but it's there in all its glory.


Glibbidy said…
Surly. That's bad ass. Is it a cross check?
Tex69 said…
it's a longhaultrucker, with 'stache bars and a Carradice Nelson Longflap. i bought the basic bike off ebay and have been cobbling things together from there.

and thanks. it's a great commuter ride.

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