plants...but no bikes

i'm just NOT getting ANY miles in. damn.

that said, spring is peeking through, and my gardening jones is following. man i just LOVE to garden.

today i finished building up a new, mounded or "raised" bed in the front. i had previously had a smallish oval thing down towards the front of the yard surrounding an old holly tree stump. late last summer i created another clumpish "bed" in some dirt that was terribly dead, i think, from the neighbor's exhaust backing up out of their driveway. i connected the two and made a kidney-shaped bed and added a Panicum HeavyMetal clump in the middle.

the optimum lifestyle would be to have two part-time jobs, one at a bike shop where i could commute to and spread the gospel, and a 2nd at a nursery where i could spread the gospel of plants.

i might start a new blog abt just plant stuff. we'll see...and i DO plan to ride eventually. Wednesday, that'll be the day when i'll take the plunge and get back on the horse.


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