yes, i'm hiding. i haven't had a good workout in something like 3 weeks. School and Tennis. School and Tennis. School and Tennis. i've had moments to steal herenthere, but alas, it hasn't happened. at some point i WILL get back on my bike(s). spring break is in a week, and that should give me some opportunity, so we'll see.

good things include gardens. it's officially spring and things are officially budding. it's great. i'm sure i'll end up with more plants. i think i like plants as much as bikes.

given that the Mildcats are 2 and through, i haven't watched too much of the NCAA, except to note that one SEC team is in, LSU, and another, Florida, has a good chance. guess those Cats had more competition that it seemed.

here's another big ass house. seems this one belongs/belonged to Wendell Cherry, founder of Humana, a big employer here in the 'Ville. nice place, huh? the back overlooks the park/BeargrassCreek valley. i had to roll up a semi-private drive to get this. sure would be fun to see what else is there, but i'm not that bold.


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