Friday, March 17, 2006


dramatic, eh? desafortunadamente, the cycling content does not involve ME riding a bike. we are practicing tennis at courts directly across from the University of Louisville, home of Rick Pitino's NIT Cards. Now, i personally would've loved for the Rick to stay at UK where he would be on his 3rd or 4th Nat'l Championship by now. instead he followed the $$ to Boston, and then has ended up at UL with a crappy, underachieving team, not unlike Tubby's...I digress.

In my few weeks at the park every afternoon, I've come to notice a couple very regular cyclists that go by. It's sort of fun to see the pattern. It makes we wonder whether other people in their day have see my wanderings as a pattern, at least in fall and winter.

the first is a roadie, long and thin, on a road bike. he's quite tall and i haven't decided, but it might be either a single-speed or some type of racingbike alternative. his mount just seems a smidge different from your standard road bike. he often dresses in black tights and the same jersey, one that i don't recognize with the local teams.

the 2nd is more exciting, a commuter i've seen before. he (she?) is usually decked out in black rainpaints and a yellow and black rain jacket, something you might buy from Performance, not sleek and racy but rather something to get the job done. the bike is a red, i assume, cannondale with fenders and a rear rack. this person is definitely carrying less than i on a regular basis. i've also seen this cat before going down 3rd. GOOD for them.

the next is a more occassional roadie/rider. i can't quite conjure the image, but this person seems to come between the roadie and the commuter. i'll watch for them again.

finally, i saw a dude today on 4th- at the back of the park- riding a funky, Klein-looking mtn bike with road tires. Klein a few years ago made a bike with a thick, fuselage top tube and a thin downtube in a very different looking frame. i can't say it's that frame, but it looked like it. this dude was going slowly on the sidewalk and was wearing a bright green safety vest. more power to him for riding, but get in the street and make some time!

damn, sad. i'm watching bikers instead of being one. maybe this weekend it'll be time for a few miles. gotta get the click/tweak/chirp taken care of on the LHT, but it's time to ride i think.


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