Date: April 4
Mileage: 13
Ride type: Bike jog
Bike: 9.2.5!
Temp: 60 p.m.
April mileage: 13
Year to date: 438

I'M BACK! after more than a month off the damn bike i finally took a ride today, albeit under questionable circumstances. can you imagine, though, not taking a bike ride for one whole month? that was March for me. i've stated in this blog that once tennis- I've coached the school tennis team for 6 years, and have coached tennis 9 years overall in my teaching career- starts, my athletic life ceases, and March proved the ultimate example of that.

today, though, was different. it's spring break, so i have some flex time and some time away from tennis (and school). after a stormy weekend and a weekend in Detroit seeing those awsome Pistons, i took a sedate, leasurely ride today through the neighborhoods. this, though, is not the end of the story.

i received a little bit of "fun" money from my very generous father, who lives in Detroit. he keeps me in entertainment $$ on occassion, esp. given that the insurance business he runs is doing bang up business. i went over to my fav LBS, Clarksville Schwinn- previously mentioned here, to get a wheel worked on. i thought it just needed some trueing, but Bob found that it was pretty mucked up and need a clean-up job. whilst Bob was cleaning, Chris the front room guy got me looking at a new and interesting set of wheels- a Redline 9.2.5.(redlinebicycles- 9.2.5)

Chris' comment was that he had mentioned how "ugly" my LHT was with it's 'Stache style and funky, usefulbutnotracy set up. Redline has introduced similar but different mount, road in nature, but a SS w/ it's own version of the 'Stache style. please go to link for info. you may remember my mention of the very nice Bianchi SS setup, one that i mentioned coveting here. the Redline is different with its 'Stache bars, but fundamentally you have a roadbike setup, tapered fork, front and rear brakes, and this time a flipflop hub, free AND fixed. had i not had a recent infusion of free cash, there would be no discussion on the table. BUT, i DID have some recent cash. i though and fought and though and fought. Fact is, Chris gave me a price of $400, a hundred less than MSRP. i HAD to. i HAD to. the challenge then became setup. i test rode the 9.2.5 in the parking lot/access road and found the gear WAY too big! Chris swapped out a larger fixed gear and a larger freewheel to keep the chain happy. i took it home, guilty but excited.

this evening i took my first fixed spin. oh yea, there is a flipflop hub, but what would be the point of a freewheel? played. done before. the norm. i had to go fixed. and fixed i went. my first ride was done of the very flats of the area. there are hills around, but i took the flatish possible. i was out an hour, and be damned i never really stopped pedalling, so i'm giving myself 13miles. it may have been less, maybe more, but that's the credit. tomorrow i'm going to give some first fixed impressions.

and my wife doesn't know yet. :-)


Pete said…
Nice! Those Redlines intrigue me. It seems like way too nice of a bike for the price. If I hadn't just bought a bike I might consider one.
Tex69 said…
i can see the fixie thing becoming addictive. it's a new type of riding, so it's fresh and it's great for learning new skills. the price on the SSs shows you how much is included in the various componentry gruppos

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