Plant portage

Date: April 23
Mileage: 7
Ride type: Fixie Barrio
Bike: 9.2.5 + LHT
Temp: 70 p.m.
April mileage: 44
Year to date: 469

no, not another epic, but a little time spent on 2 wheels. today is Earth Day, so our church had its service outside. praise be to Deity Unit that it was PERFECT weather, 70 and sunny, nice breeze, perfect blue, non-hazy sky. i jumped on the 925 intent on NOT attending church but rather just to roam around. guilt o'came me and i ended up singing. the trip there and aback was maybe 4 miles +. on the way back i went by Farmington ( which was having a plant sale. there was NO way i could carry plants while fixie riding it, so i went home. after muddling about driving the truck, i jumped on the LHT, Carradice bag and all, and headed off back to the plant sale. it worked pretty well. i fit 5 plants in the Carradice, and kept the flap open so as to not crush the foliage. 2 different neighbors said that, in effect, i had plants growing out of my ass. hmmm...

i'm so pissed at my tennis team that i'm riding tomorrow. first commute in weeks. i plan on riding 3 or 4 days this week. the tennis kiddies can deal. but i'm ready for some miles.


Pete said…
Carrying live plants? Now that's utility cycling!
Tex69 said…
straight! the older i get (and i'm not that "old"), the more i move away from "cycling" and more to transporting myself. 'course, i could use some road miles

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